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    Skylight: A beautiful, affordable, Wi-Fi connected photo frame that allows you to send photos from your phone or computer, across the country, and directly onto your loved one's frame

    Digital Frames today come up short. They're complicated. They're annoying. And, no one ever updates the pictures on them since they require loved ones, like Grandma, to upload photos themselves via USB or memory card. The photos you want to share are on your phone or laptop, not a USB at Grandma's.

    With Skylight, uploads get a lot easier. Take a photo. Send it to the frame's dedicated email address. Then, the photo automatically appears on Grandma's frame. Grandma doesn't have to lift a finger!

    And ... not just you, but your whole family can share photos with Grandma from anywhere in the world. And Grandma is just the beginning - you could use Skylight with your spouse, friends, members of your organization, or...yourself!

    The cherry on top: Skylight is far more elegant, and less than half the cost of other frames that allow you to upload remotely. Unlike other frames it also auto-rotates and auto-resizes photos, and has a touch screen allowing you to swipe through photos, delete photos, or freeze on a favorite picture!


    We're a team of Harvard Business School students, with backgrounds in hardware engineering and product management. We grew up far away from where we live today (from Philadelphia to Caracas) and know only too well how hard it can be to share special moments with loved ones and friends across the world. And most digital photos are stuck on a hard drive or in a box of prints rather than out on elegant display. So we decided to create a new kind of frame-- one specially designed to connect the digital and non-digital world and people who are far apart. 


    We believe Skylight will change the way families, friends, and organizations tell their story, and hope you love this new product as much as we do!

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    Plug & Play Set-up: This frame is perfect for parents and grandparents who just want a frame that works without the hassle of having to actually operate it. Turn on the frame and ensure it is located within reach of the network you want to connect to. The Wi-Fi network configuration is automatically detected and all you need to know is the network password if your Wi-Fi network is encrypted. There is absolutely no software to install. The frame will automatically start playing your photos.  As soon as photos are added to your frame, they are automatically resized into an 1024 x 600 format to fit perfectly in the 7-inch high quality display. The LCD screen will present your best shots in a 1.7:1 aspect ratio and photos will be rotated to their proper orientation automatically.  The frame also highlights the newest photos and has a touch-screen that allows you to swipe to browse, delete photos, or freeze frame on a shot you particularly love.



    Display size: 7-inches (17.8 cm)

    Display type/backlight: LCD/LED

    Dimensions (mm): 270x220x32

    Display area (mm):  173x106

    Display resolution: 1024x600

    Aspect ratio: 1.7:1

    Image file format: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF

    Transition Time: 7 seconds

    Time from E-mail to Frame: 60 seconds


    Package Contents:

    Skylight Digital Photo Frame & attached power cord
    Getting Started Guide

  • FAQ

    Q. What is a Skylight?
    A. A beautiful and affordable photo frame that allows you to remotely send photos from your phone or computer directly onto your loved one's frame.


    Q. How much does a Skylight cost?

    A. Each Skylight costs $120 If you hurry, you can get an Early Bird rate of $99 on our Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skylight/skylight-beam-photos-to-a-frame-in-your-loved-ones


    Q. What kind of warranty do you provide?
    A. Enjoy peace of mind with a 14-day money-back guarantee.


    Q. How do I order a Skylight?
    A. You can get a first batch Skylight by supporting our Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skylight/skylight-beam-photos-to-a-frame-in-your-loved-ones


    Q. Is Skylight only for Grandma?
    A. Grandma is just the beginning. You could gift Skylight to parents, kids, siblings, friends, your significant other ... or yourself.


    Q. How do I get my photos onto (and off of) a Skylight?
    A. Each Skylight comes with a dedicated email address (e.g., Grandma@ourskylight.com). You, and your whole family, can send pictures to the frame by email using a computer, but you can also send pictures from your phone right after taking them. All this makes Skylight a great sharing companion when you are on-the-go. Photos can be removed from your Skylight by following on-screen instructions.


    Q. Is my Skylight email secure - how do you protect against spam?
    A. You control the dissemination of your Skylight email address. We would never sell or disseminate your email information.


    Q. Do you need an Internet connection to use Skylight?
    A. Yes, Skylight uses wifi to add new photos to the frame.


    Q. Does Skylight run on battery power?
    A. Skylight needs to be plugged in to work.


    Q. Does Skylight work internationally?
    A. Yes! We are shipping internationally, and all you need is a working Wi-Fi connection.


    Q. How many photos can Skylight hold?
    A. There is about 2.6GB of memory available for pictures. Your frame will hold about 1,000 pictures.


    Q. How large is the photo frame and what is the photo resolution?
    A. The digital screen has a diagonal width of 7". The display resolution is 1024x600.


    Q. How do I get help or support?
    A. Please email us at info@skylightframe.com.


    You're awesome. Let's talk.